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With this new initiative, "UAIPIT International Congresses: Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Conflict Resolution", the UAIPIT Project organizes annual conferences on IP protection, recent developments, and analysis and debate on crucial issues. The Congresses are unique and quality forums where experts discuss current affairs and perspectives on future IP protection and Information Technology topics. UAIPIT International Congresses are accessible forums for those persons interested in the protection of IP and IT.

UAIPIT wants to thank all the people and institutions that have made these Congresses possible, and for the great reception that the UAIPIT International Congresses have had among experts, professionals and persons interested in the study of IP. In particular, UAIPIT is thankful for the support of the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Academy of the EPO, the OHIM, the SPTO, of the UNESCO, the CAM, the Magister Lvcentinus and its Association of Students, the General Foundation of the University of Alicante, and the University of Alicante.


Members of Honour of UAIPIT

In each UAIPIT International Congress, an outstanding person, in gratitude for his or her contribution to Intellectual Property Protection and support for the UAIPIT Project, will receive the UAIPIT Distinction and will be appointed as a Member of Honor of the UAIPIT Project.

At the Official Closing Ceremony of the 1st UAIPIT International Congress,  Dr. Manuel Desantes Real, Professor and Head of the Private International Law Department (University of Alicante) and Ex-Vice President of the EPO, was recognized with the first UAIPIT Distinction of Honor, in gratitude for his leadership.

At the Official Closing Ceremony of the 2nd UAIPIT International Congress the UAIPIT Distinction was awarded to Alberto Casado Cerviño, Director General of the Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office, for his contribution to Intellectual Property protection.

At the Official Closing Ceremony of the 3rd UAIPIT International Congress, coinciding with the Official Opening of the Magister Lvcentinvs 18th Edition (Academic year 2011 - 2012), UAIPIT awarded its Distinction to Paul Maier, President of the OHIM Boards of Appeal, for his contribution to Intellectual Property protection and his support for the UAIPIT Project.

At the Official Closing Ceremony of the 5th UAIPIT International Congress UAIPIT awarded its Distinction to Ignacio de CastroDeputy Director of the World Inttellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Center in recognition of his contribution to the Alternative Dispute Resolution of Intellectual Property issues and his support to UAIPIT.


Do You want to propose somebody for the Uaipit Distinction?

Propose the next candidate for the UAIPIT Honour Distinction that will be awarded in the VI UAIPIT International Congress on 8th of May, 2015. Your proposal is confidential and you can send it to UAIPIT E-mail uaipit@ua.es or fill in the following form. Thank you very much for your participation. 

Objectives of the UAIPIT International Congresses


1. To provide a unique forum where professionals, students and people interested in IP Protection and Information Technology -IT can meet annually.
2. To foster the exchange of experiences at the national and international level on IP matters.
3. To offer an opportunity to reflect, analyse, and debate controversial issues in IP and IT.
4. To promote specialization in the areas of IP and IT, and contribute to the training of experts.
5. To create a documentary database to facilitate the study and research in all the matters discussed at the UAIPIT International Congresses.
6. To provide and to present tools for easy, free information acquisition.

Publications and presentations at UAIPIT Congresses



Publications and contributions to the 1st UAIPIT Internacional Congress 2009

Mr. Richard A. Mac Bride , Attorney at Law, Executive Director www.UAIPIT.com

Clara Ibáñez Fiorillo , Legal advisor and researcher www.UAIPIT.com

Sra. Dña. Nuria Martínez Soriano , Legal advisor and researcher www.UAIPIT.com

Jean-Michel Zilliox , Director of the European Patent Office Academy

Manuel Desantes Real , Professor and Head of the Private International Law Department (University of Alicante) and Ex-Vice President of the European Patent Office (EPO)

  • The Patent System: Quo vadis

Miguel Hidalgo Llamas , Legal and European & PCT Patent Division (SPTO)

  • Advantages of the PCT System. The role of the SPTO as receiving office of International Applications

Mr. PascualSegura Cámara , Director of the Patents Centre (University of Barcelona)

Lydia Esteve ,Tenured Professor of Private International Law (University of Alicante) and Academic Director www.UAIPIT.com Project

Manuel Morán García , Tenured Professor of Private International Law (University of Alicante)

  • The so-called “Forum Shopping” as an International Practice

Aurelio López-Tarruella , Professor of Private International Law (University of Alicante)

Eli Salis , Attorney at Law, Landwell- PricewaterhouseCoopers, Alicante

  • Consequences of Exporting Goods without Trade Marks: Risks and How to Avoid them; Infringement of Rights and Defence Mechanisms. Reference to Latin America

Luis Antonio Soler Pascual , Judge of the Community Trade Mark Court of Appeal

  • Claim Actions and Enforcement of Rights before the Community Trade Mark Court of Appeal in Alicante. Recent Decisions

Julio Laporta Insa , Trade Mark Department, Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM)

  • Cancellation Proceedings before OHIM

Fernando López de Rego , Fourth Board of Appeal (OHIM)


Do you want to publish?


Articles will be accepted (minimum 7 pages) to be published in UAIPIT for which an ISBN number will be assigned (more information)

Your contribution to the I International Uaipit Congress 2009 should be sent to uaipit@ua.es before April 27th, 2009 for its consideration and later publication. If you want to contribute to the II Uaipit International Congress 2010, please send us your comment before December 1st, 2009. Thank you for your collaboration

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