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Chamber of Deputies of Mexico (Spanish)

Sections on the composition, members, organization and legislative and political activity of the lower chamber. Constitution. Legislative initiatives. Federal legislation.

Presidency of Mexico (Spanish)

Sections on the composition, members, organization and legislative and political activity of the lower chamber. Constitution. Legislative initiatives. Federal legislation.

Senate of Mexico (Spanish, English)

Sections on history, composition, members, and parliamentary services. Legislative and political activity of the upper chamber. International parliamentary relations. Constitution, legal framework, and fundamental policy.

Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (Spanish)

Official page of the highest court in the Mexican legal system. Various databases of legislation and jurisprudence.

UNAM National University of Mexico (Spanish)

Global guide on legal resources on the Internet, with special emphasis on Latin America. It offers an International Legal Navegator giving access to complete information on the legal and political organization of practically all countries and many important international organizations.

Latin American Network Information Center (Spanish, English, Portuguese)

Sponsored by the University of Austin, Texas (USA), this site has a very wide range of links on general information about Latin America, including Law.

TLCAN (Spanish, English, French)

The Secretariat of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Canada, USA, México). Complete information on the NAFTA/TLCAN/ALENA Secretariat, versions of the treaty, national sections of the member states, y decisions of Panels.

American Association of Intellectual Property Rights (AIPLA) (English)

Information on the activities of this private association. Excellent links page with resources on U.S. I.P. law, including legislation and regulations.

Cornell University Law School (English)

The Institute of Legal Information of the Law School of Cornell University (USA). Complete and well-organized information on code law, judicial decisions, legislative bills, news, search engines by subject and by jurisdiction.

Federal Courts of USA (English)

Sections on the structure, composition, organization, functioning and electronic access at the different levels: Supreme Court, Appeals Courts, District Courts, Bankruptcy Court.

Findlaw.com (English)

A privately-run web page with a very wide range of resources on U.S. law.

Harvard Law School Library (USA) (English)

This site has many general resources. The link _Research Guides_ is particularly useful. Some sections link to resources that require payment.

House of Representatives of USA (English)

Sections on composition, organization, members, political and legislative activity of the chamber, legislative process, legislation, and the excellent on-line library of legislation "Thomas."

Law Library of Congress (USA) (English)

Under the section Guide to Law Online, there are many links to US state and federal resources, as well as international resources.

LLRX Legal Librarians (English)

A private, free site by legal librarians and other legal professionals. It offers an enormous number of articles, links, and other resources available on the Internet on U.S. law and law around the world.

Presidency of the USA (Spanish, English)

The Presidency of the USA. General information about the political activity of the presidency, the fundamental institutions of the country (Government), other offices and government entities.

Senate of the USA (English)

Sections on the composition, members, political and legislative activity of the chamber, legislation and archives, and history.

Official Site, Government of Canada (English, French)

Official site of the Government of Canada. Complete information on the composition, members, organization, and activities of the Government, territorial divisions, the Chambers (Senate and Deputies), and virtual library.

Parliament of Canada (English, French)

Sections on composition, members, organization and activities of the Chambers (Senate and Deputies), and virtual library.

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