AMAZON, The first store of used digital goods?


Last 29th January 2013, Amazon obtained a patent (US Patent No. 8,364,595) on the first store of used digital books which application was filed on May 5, 2009. However this is not the first invention of a method for sharing used digital data.

Since 2011, the company ReDigi has been implementing a different system for selling used data. This system allows the real “transfer” of data since there is only one file in the whole selling process. The seller first send the original file to the Redigi´s Cloud (Marketplace) and from there, it will be sent to the future buyer after checking that the file is clean of virus, and it has been deleted from the seller’s computer.

On the contrary, the Amazon’s patent is based on a “copy and delete mechanism”, which sells a “copy” of the original, so that during a short period of time, there will be two copies of the file: one in the buyer’s device and the other in the seller’s. Once the sale has been concluded, the seller’s copy will be deleted automatically. Amazon will remain a percentage of the sale.

So, what will be the changes after this Amazon patent and how will affect to the industry?

Amazon is the world’s biggest e-book store, but the rest of the Industry members, including, authors, editorials and content producers, will claim their part in this new business method. What it is clear is that consumers will take advantage from it: the seller will obtain profit from old files while gaining storage capacity; and the buyer will have access to such contents for a lower price than the original files but with the same quality.

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