New antifungal composition patented by the University of Alicante


On 4th November University of Alicante (hereinafter UA) revealed that researchers from this institution have developed a novel and efficient antifungal composition with pharmacological applications, inter alia, in agriculture and food industry. This invention aims to overcome the antifungal resistance of a variety of pathogenic fungi and yeasts.

This composition, developed and patented by the research group of Plant Pathology of the University of Alicante, contributes to develop a novel alternative in the control of fungal diseases and especially antifungal resistant strains.

This research has been possible because of the joint efforts of UA researchers and the Service for Research Management & Technology Transfer office at the University of Alicante (known in Spanish as OTRI). OTRI is in charge of managing and registering the inventions and innovations created within the university research projects.

The patent protection of new products has, indeed, two benefits: on one hand, it encourages research and innovation, and on the other hand, it also leads to technological advancement of society. Both aspects are fundamental within an institution devoted to university education.

Written by: Andreea M. Otel


Image: University of Alicante 

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