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The collaboration between UAIPIT and the Alumni Students Association of the Magister Lvcentinvs (AAAML) has led to this UAIPIT-AAAML Workshop programs on practical, specific and updated topics on Industrial and Intellectual Property (IP), Information Society (IS) and resolution of controversies in IP and Information Technology (IT).

The UAIPIT-AAAML workshops create a specialized framework for the study of the topics of trade marks, designs, patents, copyrights and related rights, and the legal aspects of information and communications technology (ICTs), as well as other practical subjects of interest for the associates of the AAAML and the users of UAIPIT and the AAAML organize and coordinate these practical workshops directed to professionals, researchers and students specialized in the field of the IP, IS and resolution of controversies.









The UAIPIT-AAAML Workshops’ objective is to offer a point of contact for specialized professionals and students for deep analyses and updating on interesting aspects of the protection of trade marks, designs, patents, copyright, protection of rights on the Internet, and the resolution of controversies in the different aspects of the IP and the ITCs. In pursuit of this objective of specialization and updating, the workshops are presented by national or international experts with whom you will be able to debate and expand your knowledge on the proposed practical subjects in an open and participatory framework.

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  • December 2011
    Workshop about patents and other forms to protect inventions

    March 2012
    Workshop about trademarks, designs and competition law

    May 2012
    Workshop about copyrights and related rights protection

    June 2012
    Workshop about Information and Communication Technology (ITCs)

* The workshop dates are provisional because they can be subjected to change











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