Japan and the US join International Design System


The United States of America and Japan have joined the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs providing for individuals and companies broad geographical protection of their designs with a minimum of formality and expense.

The Hague System offers a cost-effective, efficient registration of industrial designs in a large number of countries. By participating in the System right owners can secure protection for their designs in all countries belonging to the System, avoiding the time and expense of having to file multiple separate applications with different national or regional IP offices.  It lets them to get the same effect of protection in each of the designated contracting parties as if the design had been registered directly with each national office.

Global interest in design rights permanently grows up.  As Mr. Bisson said “Today, more and more technology is open-source, cross-licensed or shared – there are no bad cars, no unreliable watches or smartphones that don’t work; In this context, the esthetic appeal of a product, its design, is the basis of business competition. This means that companies are placing greater importance on obtaining design protection.” 

In these circumstances enhancing the system of industrial design protection is very important. Because of it, expanding the Hague System by accepting more countries can help to develop it.  What is more, with two of the world’s largest economies on board the future looks bright both for the System and for product designers seeking international protection around the world for their innovative designs.

Written by:  Dominika Elias






Image:  http://www.wipo.int/wipo_magazine/es/2010/02/article_0003.html

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