Youtube and EGEDA agree on the protection of copyright


On 2 July, the video platform YouTube and the Collecting Society for the Rights of Audiovisual Producers (EGEDA) reached an agreement to regulate the protection of Intellectual Property on the Internet.  This will be achieved by means of a YouTube tool called Content ID, which permits the automatic identification of video contents and alerts their authors or producers, so that they can decide how to proceed.

Content ID is not a new tool, since it was launched 5 years ago by YouTube. Nevertheless, now, with the signing this agreement, the tool has been made more efficient, and each producer member of EGEDA will be informed when any user uploads videos to the platform without the author’s authorization. The essential goal is to end up with the unfair situation created when a user gets revenues for the adverts embedded in a video that is not of his property.

This way, producers will be the real managers of their videos, and they will be able to choose one of the three following options, if someone uploads a video of their property without their permission: to block the content, to obtain the benefits of the adverts or to follow-up the evolution of their video.

YouTube and EGEDA both agree on the advantages of this settlement, as it has been considered “an example of how the audio-visual and technological industries should start to cooperate”. 

Written by Rocio Sirvent

Image: HernandoJoseAJ under creative commons license (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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