European Parliament approves Copyright Directive


Last 26 March, the European Parliament adopted the Copyright Directive with 348 votes in favour, 274 against and 36 abstentions. In the absence of a formal adoption of the text by the EU Council, countries will have 24 months to transfer the changes into their national legislation.

The most controversial articles throughout the negotiation were Articles 11 and 13, now 15 and 17 respectively.

This new text has introduced some modifications, the current Article 15 has set a two years’ time limit in which protected contents may not be used without the permission of the author nor can the press editor object to anyone sharing a link from its publication.

Article 17 is intended for platforms to review everything that is uploaded on them and to automatically block content that has been uploaded without the author's permission.

However, these two articles are not the only ones to introduce new limits or exceptions, for example, Article 4 (Exception or limitation concerning text and data mining), Article 5 (Use of works and other subject-matter in digital and cross-border educational activities), Article 6 (Preservation of cultural heritage), or Article 8 (Use of works and other subject-matter outside the commercial circuit by institutions responsible for cultural heritage).

Written by: Cristina García Alzina



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