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This section offers information, training and free advice on Intellectual Property for SMEs and entrepreneurs.





Observatorio Virtual de Transferencia de Tecnología (OVTT): The Virtual Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT) is a on-line platform of information and tools on technology transfer and innovation for business and research created by the University of Alicante, throughout the Office for Research, Development and Innovation, and sponsored by the Santander Group.

We work to facilitate and to make available free online tools to explorer, systematize and implement strategic information on Technology Transfer and Competitive Intelligence for our users, with special emphasis on relations between Europe and Latin America. The website is available in Spanish, Portuguese and English.


Transknowlia: The project is born from real needs identified by means of continuous experiences and actions in the fields of intellectual property, international projects and innovation. Over the years, the University of Alicante has been hosting a unique compendium of knowledge in fundraising, intellectual property and project management which now merges in ‘TransKnowlia’, the inspiring initiative of Transnational Knowledge Management at the University of Alicante.


Alicante Science Park: The Alicante Science Park, located next to the University campus, is conceived as a space of excellence and innovation to encourage company-University Relations and boost technology transfer and competitiveness of the economic system. It's an organization managed by specialized professionals, whose main objective is to increase the wealth of our community by promoting the culture of innovation and the competitiveness of enterprises and knowledge-generating institutions installed in the park or linked to.


Cevipyme: Training and free legal advice about Intellectual Property for the SMEs. Centre for the support of SMEs in matter of management of Intellectual Property rights. A joint initiative of the General Direction of the Politics of the Small and Medium Company, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and Fundatec Foundation. Among its aims are to provide the SMEs and its associates, information and personal free support about the options that are better for their needs for the protection of Intellectual Property, as well as about the most efficient way to manage and make profitable that property once said rights have been obtained and registered.


Chambers of Commerce: The High Council of Chambers of Commerce acts and implements those initiatives and projects considered necessary or beneficial for the general interests of the Spanish economy, on the basis of the information that companies transmit through the Chambers of Commerce themselves and develops a permanent action to improve the economical environment of the companies, articulated around five broad areas.




China IPR SME Helpdesk: Free business tools to manage your Intellectual Property Rights in China. Managing IPR for your Business highlights important business decisions and processes faced by European SMEs working in or with China.


Enterprise Europe Network:: Helping small companies make the most of the business opportunities in the European Union is the Enterprise Europe Network's mission.


Emprenemjunts: Reference portal aiming at considering to bring together the agents of support the entrepreneurship and to distribute the “traffic” to the different websites related with this matter, at the same time that will allow to the different agents to improve the efficiency and, without a doubt, to improve the efficiency of the resources used in this field, resulting in benefit of the users. It can be requested information and/or advice about creation, consolidation or companies’ growth.  This service is only offered to registered users.






European Comission: European Portal for SMEs: In order to stay competitive, businesses need to keep up-to-date with the latest technological developments and to protect their innovative ideas. For small firms, the investments involved can be a huge challenge. EU support is available to help them keep up with competitors, and to point them to the available opportunities.


Fundetec: Foundation for the Info-technologic Development of Companies and Society. Fundetec focuses on the compliance of two clear targets: to promote the adoption and the generalized use of ICT for the citizens, companies and institutions, and to increase the penetration of Internet in the Spanish households and in the small and medium company. For that it develops actions designed to raise awareness the different social groups of the importance of the new technologies, to disseminate the advantages that come with their use, by both the professional and personal point of view, and to offer training to those people that wish to begin in the use of Internet for taking part in the Information Society.




Innovaccess: This network brings together National Intellectual Property Offices sharing a common goal: providing IP support to SMEs.


IPR Helpdesk: The Helpline service of the European IPR Helpdesk provides professional advice to your specific IP or IPR query – customized, straight-forwardly, comprehensibly and free of charge. Get in touch with our team of experienced lawyers via registration on our website, phone or fax and receive a qualified answer or examination of your personal IP issue within three working days. In addition we offer free of charge training events on different aspects of IP management and IPR based on a practical and comprehensive training approach. Regular publications such as an eMail Newsletter and the Bulletin keep you updated on the latest developments in the field of IP and IPR.



RedOtri: The Network of Offices for Transfer of Research Results (OTRI) of the Spanish universities whose mission is to encourage and disseminate the role of the universities as essential elements in the national system of innovation. See as well


Seimed:Its objective is to help the company to develop its full potential and innovative capacity through the internationalization, the technology transference and the access to projects and the EU financing.






Your Europe: Your Europe is an EU site designed to help you do things in other European countries – avoiding unnecessary inconvenience and red tape. This can mean moving, living, studying, working, shopping or simply travelling abroad. Or, as a company, doing business abroad. As an EU national – or national of Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway – you have certain rights in these areas. But they may not always be observed when a country hasn't yet fully implemented the relevant EU law.

Teaching materials:

OEP - Patent teaching kit

SPTO- teaching materials




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