Facebook Vs. Face Book


The case of Facebook Vs. Face Book in China is now closed thanks to the High Court of Beijing ruling. The decision is in favour of the American business.

It all began in 2014 when the company Zhongshang Pearl River, dedicated to the manufacture of beverages, decided to register a trade mark to sell their products under the name of Face Book. However, an administrative decision prescribed the review of this permission. Then Peral River appealed to the High Court of Beijing.

The Beijing court perceived that society Zhongshan Pearl River, in the southern province of Guangdong, should not have been authorized to use the trade mark as Peral River given the intention to use the fame of the renowned social network.

Such use of the trade mark "undermines the intrinsic values of recorded and disturbs the normal procedures of business records marks" use if a society "records a large number of other celebrities for profit brands"

Consequently, these acts "must stop," adds the judgment.

Written by: UAIPIT Team

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