Adidas and Tesla have trademark dispute over new three stripe logo


On February 3 2017, Adidas opposed to Tesla's application for a three striped mark before the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), claiming that the three stripes is their distinctive sign.

Founded in 1949 in Germany, Adidas is known worldwide for its three stripes, trademark which has been registered by the famous sports brand since 1990.  The famous electric car company sought to register a three striped trade mark for its Model 3 car.

The reason behind Adidas opposing the application was that the three stripes applied for were highly similar to Adidas' well known trademark, which could lead to confusion - not regarding cars, but possible clothing and apparel Tesla might have decided to sell in the future.

However, it appears that the two giants will not go to proceedings as Tesla has decided to change the trademark comprised of three stripes for the number three.

Written by: The UAIPIT Team



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