Adidas sues Asics over tech patents


Adidas filed a lawsuit against Asics for infringing its intellectual property, in particular, for using a string of patents held by Adidas that covers technology for wearable devices offering exercise and fitness tracking and athletic training.

The German active wear brand claims that Asics is infringing its patents through its mobile application focused on tracking and training for runners. Adidas claims that inclusion in the My Asics app of a "live track" allowing users to GPS-stream their movements, "audio coaching" and even its use of wireless technology to receive communications is an unauthorized use of the technology covered in its patents. Likewise, Adidas adds that Asics app's ability to transmit fitness information, send predetermined routes to mobile devices and provide training plans are all elements that fall under Adidas' allegedly infringed patents.

Adidas claims direct and indirect infringement, requesting the court to find patent infringement and for a permanent injunction against Asics, barring the Japanese brand for any further use of the patents at issue. In addition, Adidas is also seeking enhanced damages in an amount equal to the reasonable royalties Asics has received through the alleged use of its patents.

Written by: The UAIPIT Team


Image: Health Gauge under License Creative Commons

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