Nintendo opposes 'Poké Go' application


Last Wednesday, April 19, video games creator Nintendo filed an opposition against the application "Poké Go" for clothing.

The application was filed before the US Patent and Trade mark Office (USPTO) and published for opposition in December 2016. Nintendo then decided to oppose, claiming that if the trade mark was to be registered, it would be confusingly similar, cause dilution and tarnishment, and would be deceptive with its "Poké" marks. In addition, the opponent owns various "Poké" related trademarks of which various cover clothing, that have been registered since 2000.

The Japan based company alleges in this respect that it's rights are senior to those of the applicant's and that the related nature of the goods and similarity between its earlier rights and the applied for term "Poké Go" are likely to cause confusion or deception that the applicant's mark is economically linked or approved by Nintendo.

Written by: The UAIPIT Team



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