Spotify sued for $1.6 billion in Copyright suit


Last 29 December 2017, Wixen Music Publishing Inc filed a law suit against music streaming company Spotify for allegedly using thousands of songs without a license and compensation to the music publisher.

Wixen is an exclusive licensee and handles copyright management and royalty compliance for artists such as Tom Petty, the Doors, Niel Young, Missy Elliot and Stevie Nicks. The company is seeking $1.6 billion in damages along with injunctive relief, claiming Spotify failed to get a direct or compulsory license that would allow it to reproduce the songs at issue. In addition, Wixen also claims that Spotify outsourced its work to a third party licensing and royalty services provider which was "ill-equipped to obtain all the necessary mechanical licenses".

Spotify is also currently facing three other lawsuits in the U.S. that were filed by songwriters and music publishers; also being accused of using songs without paying royalties to publishers and songwriters.



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