The European Parliament rejects the Copyright Directive


As highlighted in our previous post of 29 June, after the tight vote (15/10) in the Committee on Legal Affairs, the next step for the entry into force of the new Copyright Directive was the vote in the European Parliament last 5th July.

It was rejected with 318 votes against, 278 in favour and 31 abstentions. This represents a brake on their approval, as their intention was to start negotiating with the European Council (the institution representing the Member States) through the accelerated negotiation procedure, whereby both institutions would have started negotiations to establish a final text with which the regulation would enter into force.

With the Parliament's refusal, the proposal will have to be debated and put to the vote again in plenary between 10 and 13 September.

If this second vote is passed, negotiations will begin between Parliament and the European Council. However, if there are differences of opinion between the two institutions during the negotiations, a conciliation procedure will have to be initiated so that a text that satisfies both institutions can be reached. Afterwards, the Directive would then be voted on in plenary session and in the Council and finally approved.

Written by: Cristina García Alzina




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