Approval of the Mediation Law of the Valencian Community


Last 21 November, the Plenary Session of Les Corts unanimously approved the Mediation Law of the Valencian Community.

With the state Law 5/2012 of July 6, mediation was limited to civil and commercial matters. Now, this new law extends to conflicts that deal with matters of free disposal, extending to “issues of social integration, health, contentious-administrative procedures, urbanism, as well as elements of the old Valencian Civil Law and, to minor cases of criminal jurisdiction in which it is so established by the Judges”.

This Law creates the Mediation Centre of the Valencian Community (article 16), which will be responsible for promoting and facilitating access to mediation within the scope of the Valencian Community; The Register of Mediating Persons and Entities of the Valencian Community (article 17), whose purpose is to facilitate citizen access to professional people and mediating entities that have accredited compliance with the established requirements, registration in this register will be voluntary; and finally, the Advisory Council of Mediation of the Valencian Community (article 18), a collegiate body for participation and consultation.

The purpose of the new Law is to facilitate access of citizens to mediation procedures, both intra-judicial and extra-judicial, guaranteeing the professionalism of mediation through the training and specialisation of mediators. It also provides free mediation services for those who, as beneficiaries of the right to free justice, choose to resort to mediation to resolve their disputes.

See full text here: Law 24/2018, of 5 December, of the Government of the Autonomous Valencian Community

Written by: Cristina García Alzina




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