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News 2015

Innovation to combat the counterfeits: Xerox Printed Label
The French and Spanish Justice Do Not Remain Indifferent to Equivalence Perfumery
European Court of Justice decision annuls data transfer agreement between USA and Europe
Warner loses his “Happy Birthday” song
KitKat receives  answers from the European Court of Justice
Japan and the US join International Design System
GCJ approves the obligation to publish in the Official State Bulleting the personal data of who have been found guilty of crimes against public treasury
VI Congreso Internacional UAIPIT “La mediación: un análisis práctico sobre cuestiones actuales”
Google Announces Patent Purchase Promotion
The European Union Antitrust Chief Formally Accused Google
Adidas files a lawsuit against Marc Jacobs for copying its iconic stripes
The unconstitutional appellation against the reform of the intellectual property Act
The United States Patent and Trademark Office grants a search patent retargeting technology
Blurred lines ordered to pay $7.3 to Marvin Gaye's family
The European Patent Office grants key patent in the stem cell field
Workshop on Intercultural Mediation
IP Mediation Open Day at OHIM
IP Mediation Open Day at OHIM
The EU and Morocco sign a deal on Geographical Indications
Gucci vs. Guess: trademark infringement battle continues
INPI joins the harmonized database
SPTO’s website creates a new section for SMEs and entrepreneurs
Morocco recognises the European patent as national patent
Melt Water Case v OHIM  about Three DimensionalTrademarks
The new Brussels Regulation I bis is now applicable
Specialised Course in Cross-border Civil, Commercial and Intercultural Mediation. From January 22 to May 15
Curso de Especialización en Mediación Transfronteriza de carácter Civil, Mercantil e Intercultural.  Del 22 de enero al 29 de mayo de 2015
200 people arrested for the commission of crimes against industrial property

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